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Christine Goucher painting

Hello, I'm thrilled that you're here! I hope that you find something on my website that inspires your heart, mind, and your creativity. 


I’m a painter and designer working mainly in acrylics and gold leaf. I love art and design that makes you feel happy, sad, surprised ... really any of the feels. I love getting lost in a painting and hope that you find yourself sharing that same passion! 

I believe the beauty of abstract art is its unpredictability.  And just like in life, I believe its success is based on being in the moment.


I bring a unique juxtaposition to my art from my career as a graphic designer. Steeped in design, I naturally start a piece by sectioning it into thirds. Once the structure is set, there is a freedom that ensues, and the canvas becomes an arrangement for all the things I love. The richness of blues, the liveliness of pinks and the depth of golden foils, together bring a contrast of colours that are often found in my paintings.


I’m so glad that you took the time to get to know a little bit about me. As more of my artwork becomes featured across Ontario in galleries and storefronts, my dream is to shift my career to a full-time artist. Creating a painting for your home is something I would cherish and feel truly honored when given the opportunity!

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